The site of the largest samurai battle in Japan
Free Experiential Day Trip to SEKIGAHARA

Experience the battlefields of Sekigahara, site of the most decisive battle in samurai history, free, thanks to Gifu Prefecture and Sekigahara Town. Try sword forging with a traditional sword-smith, wear samurai armor and learn sword fighting techniques with a professional! Enjoy guided walks of the battlefields and discover Sekigahara!

Dates 1) Sat, March 10, 2018   or   2) Sat, March 17, 2018
Meeting point At Yuri-no-funsui (Lily fountain)
in front of Taikodori exit of JR Nagoya station
Meeting time 8:00am (departs: 8:20am)
  • Limited to the first 20 respondents for each day
  • Open only to foreign nationals living in Japan

Departs from JR Nagoya station at 8:20am

  • Introduction talk on Sekigahara: On the chartered bus to Sekigahara, the Trip Navigator will explain the story of the Battle of Sekigahara.
  • Walk tour of the historic battlefield: Visit Sasao-yama (Mt. Sasao) for a panoramic view of the battlefield.
  • Sekigahara samurai lunch: Enjoy the free lunch replicating the foods eaten by samurai at the battle front.
  • Special programs: Each day has a unique special program to entertain participants.
  • Shopping: Enjoy souvenir shopping at the Kankou-kouryu Kan (tourist office) in front of JR Sekigahara Station.
  • Feedback: Please fill out a questionnaire on the drive back. There will also be an open talk time for everyone to share their feelings on the trip.

Return to JR Nagoya Station (around 6:00pm)
*A chartered bus will be used for transportation between Nagoya and Sekigahara

Trip navigator

Chris Glenn (Radio DJ / TV presenter)

Sekigahara Tourism Ambassador, samurai history and culture researcher and author of the English book, "The Battle of Sekigahara", Chris Glenn will guide you through the entire tour, providing information and answering any questions.

Chris Glenn

March 10

Special program for 1
Experience Japanese sword fight in samurai armor

  • See a samurai sword fight demonstration
    Enjoy a demonstration by the "Sekigahara-gumi." Samurai performance team.
  • Wear samurai armor
    All participants can try on and experience samurai armor
  • Learn to swordfight
    Participants will be taught how to hold, wield and cut with Japanese swords, before practicing a staged swordfight.

Daishin Chitou
Swordfight instructor,
Actor / theatrical combat instructor
Eighth-dan, Shinshin-ryu Iai-jutsu


Swordfight demonstration (image)

March 17

Special program for 2
Experience Japanese Sword Craftsmanship

  • Demonstration of traditional Japanese sword making
    Enjoy a demonstration of Japanese sword forging by a traditional swordsmith. Participants can try hammering heated iron ingots, to form the blades.
  • Introduction to the tools and processes of Japanese sword making
    Discover the materials, tools and processes for Japanese sword making from the swordsmith himself.
  • Experience knife making
    Participants can inscribe their names on a knife forged through the same traditional sword making processes. Participants will receive the knife as a souvenir.

Ken Yoshida

Ken Yoshida
Internationally renown Japanese
swordsmith and demonstrator

Ken Yoshida

Traditional Japanese sword making

Ken Yoshida

Knife making

Application requirements
  • Only foreign nationals living in Japan (as of March, 2018) can apply for participation. Explanations will be provided in English and Japanese only.
  • All participants are expected to remain part of the group from start to finish.
  • All participants will be asked to fill out a quick questionnaire as well as sharing their feedback with the host organization on the way back to Nagoya.
  • Please choose either one of the two dates when making an application. Participants cannot be enrolled in both dates.
  • The schedule may be subject to change due to circumstances.

Please apply for participation via email. Your application needs to include the information 1) through 9) listed below. Only successful applicants will be contacted via email (Application over the phone is not accepted.)

  1. Date of participation [either 1) March 10 or 2) March 17]
  2. Name
  3. Age
  4. Sex
  5. Nationality/ residence period in Japan
  6. Current residence
  7. Phone number
  8. E-mail address
  9. Occupation or name of school

Sekigahara Tours Office c/o Equipe Ltd.

Email to:
Phone number: 0584-74-9903
Facebook: Sekigahara Tours

Host Sekigahara Town
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